Alexandre Christie X Futurepublic
04 Apr

Alexandre Christie X Futurepublic

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Jakarta, 23 February 2019  

Alexandre Christie, the watchmaker starts the year with a new premium product –model AC3038. This new model uses artistic colours to create the World Version 4.0.  AC3038 is a time telling innovation that integrates colours with futuristic design while at the same time fusing black and white into the design. AC3038 has a strong rustproof stainless–steel structure that has an axis that protects it from impacts. 

As detailed by Kasih Rama, Head of Brand Activation, “A watch is not only an accessory that tells the time but it also allows us to promote our identity and personality. It accents the fun and energetic quality of the Millennials.” AC3038 is a futuristic artwork that calculate time, combines the daring concept of Art Deco with a play of strong lines with a combination of electric and neutral colours. A sports chronograph to complete your look for every possible occasion. Kasih Rama added, “We present 5 elegant variants of AC3038 with different dial colours, choices of leather straps and the watch diameter is 43.43 * 55.2mm.” 

Embracing the future, AC3038 will be launched at a special event, FUTUREPUBLIC @Ecopark, organized by The F Thing on February 23, 2019. FUTUREPUBLIC is a music festival aimed at Millennials, so complements the character of AC3038. FUTUREREPUBLIC will feature numerous performers, such as Tokimonsta, Mura Masa, Dipha Barus, Kallula and many others. As quoted by Kasih Rama, “We believe that FUTUREPUBLIC is THE prestigious event that is best suited to launch and introduce our latest product, AC3038. We trust that AC3038 will be able to fulfill the passion of the Millennials who are not afraid to be themselves because Life Is Passion.” 

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