Alexandre Christie Green Ocean “Sustainability” Watch

Custom Made 43.5mm case manufactured from salvaged and recycled nylon fishing nets. 10 atm water resistance for anyone with a passion for the ocean. Recycled stainless steel accent and aluminium bezel detail. Bespoke soft touch recyclable silicone strap.


The GREEN OCEAN Series helps to fight against plastic pollution by using innovative manufacturing and design to create a unique case made from salvaged and recycled nylon  fishing nets. 


Plastic pollution plaques every corner of the world including the ocean and despite growing awareness, the problem is only getting worse. Alexandre Christie taking the initiative to protect and conserve our ocean eco system by using recycled nylon fish net material to make our watch cases.

Each watch we make means there will be less fishing net pollution in our oceans. This is a choice we conscientiously make to achieve healthier and cleaner oceans.


The GREEN OCEAN watch is durable and lightweight. We believe it is the perfect example of recycling previously harmful pollutant to effectively reduce plastic’s negative impact on our ocean. 

Each year 640,000 tons of fishing nets are lost or abandoned into our oceans. The abandoned fishing net traps and kills marine life, such as sea birds, sea turtles and dolphins. It’s time for all of us to respond and act. We as a socially and environmentally responsible brand is committed to protecting and sustaining our ocean diversity one step at a time, one watch at time.

Specifications :

  • Green Ocean Series
  • Recycle Fishing Nets Case with Nylon Strap
  • Case Size 43.5 mm manufactured from salvaged and recycled nylon fishing nets.
  • Pin Buckle
  • 10 ATM

AC 6584 MHR

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