Outfit Ideas You Can Make Use of for Job Interviews!

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Clothing can reflect your personality. A blazer or matching set can be used to give a neat impression. Here are some ideas for clothing to combine with your blazer!   Suit Set A suit set can be an ideal look when applying for work. Minimalist, it gives a professional impression, particularly when worn with an...

Simple steps to Take Care of Your Watch Strap

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Leather Strap Remove the strap from the watch before cleaning. Wipe down the strap with a dry cloth. Use a soft cloth and a little warm water with a small amount of mild soap to gently wash the leather. (DO NOT USE DETERGENT). Use another soft cloth to dry the leather. Allow the strap to…

One day with Alexandre Christie – Office to Office

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During these events, visitors were allowed to borrow a timepiece from one of Alexandre Christie’s collections for 1 day and to review their chosen item on Instagram. They were also given the opportunity to win one of the best seller Alexandre Christie watches, the AC 2829.   There was also another fun activity, the Alexandre...

The Best Five Alexandre Christie Automatic Watch Collection

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AC 6339 MA (2016) In 2016 Alexandre Christie released an automatic series, the AC 6339 type. This 48mm diameter watch, available in a choice of either a bronzium or titanium case and equipped with a genuine leather strap. The collection included a limited edition and was a best seller in 2016-2017. AC 3030 MA (2017)…

Back To The 90s with AC DiGi

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The design inspiration of the AC Digi is to encourage the Millennial generation, born in the 90s, to re-unite with the timepiece designs that were in vogue at that time. AC Digi series is now unisex and diverse in colors. The AC Digi Collection, with digital displays that are reminiscent of those from the 90s...

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