Clasp or Buckle: Tips on which one to choose for Watch Lovers

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Buckle for Classic Style Ordinary hook/pin buckles are found on watches with straps that are made of rubber, leather or NATO. These are similar to belt buckles and work in the same way. Metal buckles are recommended for safety and durability.

The New Alexandre Christie Signature Collection AC 9205 – Carbon Fibre Watch

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AC 9205 is one of Alexandre Christie’s all time fine creation. It is an all-time favourite and a superlative customer choice. During 2020, Alexandre Christie will be launching the latest collection from AC 9205. The new design incorporates carbon fibre to deliver high durability and strength in one watch. Designed to perfection for any occasion.

The New Alexandre Christie Spark Collection with Luminous Core Movement

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This latest collection is equipped with a luminous core to provide visibility, when required. Available in 3 main design types – AC 8630, 8631, and 8632. All are crafted in quality stainless-steel cases, which are durable and give high performance, coupled with a choice of either mesh stainless steel or rubber strap.

Alexandre Christie Valentine’s Day!

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Makna Hari Valentine menurut penggemar Alexandre Christie merupakan hari istimewa dan hari cinta dengan menghabiskan waktu bersama teman, keluarga atau pasangan. Biasanya, pada Hari Valentine, mereka memberikan hadiah dalam bentuk cokelat atau barang bagus. Mereka ingin hadiah yang diberikan menjadi berkesan dan tidak hanya untuk ditampilkan namun jauh lebih bermanfaat.   Karena itu, Alexandre Christie…

Handy Tips to Clean Up Your Watch Collection

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Here are some tips you can apply so that your watch stays durable and well maintained. To clean your watches, you will need some soap and water. It should be noted that NOT all watches may be cleaned with soap and water, namely those watches that are not water-resistant or with leather straps. Cleaning should…

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