AC Smart Hybrid 2020
11 Nov

AC Smart Hybrid 2020

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Introducing the new family collection of the Alexandre Christie AC Smart Hybrid 2020. The first analogue timepiece to incorporate and adapt the intelligence of a smart watch. The AC Smart Hybrid watch, which has an all stainless steel case and 3ATM water resistant strength, is the friend you need in order to achieve your health goals. So get ready to make a change in your life with the all new AC Smart Hybrid 2020? 

Train and meet the targets necessary to burn calories, in a smart way, by using the built-in sports application. This Smart Hybrid can also remind you to meet your sleep time, thus helping you to meet your sleep time needs. AC Smart Hybrid 2020 has a battery life of approximately a 1 year in smartwatch mode, so no need to be afraid of running out of power! 

AC Smart Hybrid 2020 is not just a fashion statement! It has 3 practical buttons that perform the following features:-  

Toggle mode - Press the button to toggle through the sub-eye features on your watch. 

Music control - Press to play or pause your music when the music app is open; double press to skip to the next track or press and hold to go to the previous track. Volume up - Turn up the volume when listening from your phone. Volume down - Turn down the volume when listening from your phone.  

Ring Phone - Ring your phone from the watch to recover it, when misplaced.  

Take a photo - Press to take a photo from your phone camera when it is open.   

Date - Press to view the date.   

Goal tracking - Log the progress  you make towards your personal goals.  Use customization to assign a button for goal tracking.   

Stopwatch - Press the button to enter stopwatch mode; Press again to start and pause your stopwatch; Press and hold the button to reset the stopwatch. Press any other button to view the current time.  Press the assigned button to toggle back to stopwatch.  

Second time-zone - Press to view the local time for another part of the world.  

Notification - See the last assigned notification received. 

So, are you ready for the new AC Smart Hybrid 2020?

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