Alexandre Christie DiGi Arrival 1 Charming Model
26 Oct

Alexandre Christie DiGi Arrival 1 Charming Model

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Alexandre Christie has made 2022 the year for digital watches by introducing the latest collection from AC DiGi. The all-new AC 9376 MHR has an attractive yet futuristic design which is further enhanced using TR90 polymer for the case. TR90 is a polymer with numerous advantages, including being able to produce density, has good chemical resistance, low water absorption, resistance to high temperature distortion, combined with extraordinary flexibility and is BPA free.

In addition to the impressive case material, the AC 9376 MHR has 9 very cool colour variants - 6 coloured cases with black straps and 3 black cases with coloured straps. The unique specifications are - Digital electronic, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Year, Month, Day, Calendar, 12/24-hour display, Countdown, Two Time zones, plus the awesome, colourful, LED backlight function!  Customize your appearance with 7 interchangeable LED colour options.

AC 9376 MHR has a case size of 44 x 52mm with a case thickness of 13.3mm. It has a very comfortable 24 x 20mm silicone strap. It is equipped with a measurement battery that can last up to 2 years and has a water-resistant rating of up to 3 ATM.

For Price & Details: AC 9376 MHR

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