3 Tips Before You Purchase a Watch
09 May

3 Tips Before You Purchase a Watch

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The variety of models and types of watches is enormous. Choosing the type and variety of watch, that is best for you, can be somewhat confusing. There are several things to consider before buying your watch.


1. When will you use it?

Watches can be worn at any time but there are some occasions when it is more appropriate to wear a particular type of watch. 

Will this watch be worn while doing outdoor activities or will it only be worn when going to the office? 

Will it be used as a fashion accessory?

Sporty models, with features such as water resistance and lights are suitable for use when traveling, for example AC 9350 MHRIPBAYL


2. Will it reflect your personality?

In addition to meeting your daily support needs, your watches can be matched with your outfit of the day to reflect your personal style. Monochrome colour clothes matched with a minimalist timepiece may be suitable for you. 

A classic style, stainless steel, watch could be an option, namely AC 2878 LDBBRBA or a modern cut AC 2972 ​​BDLRGGN might be your choice. If your personal style is to wear brightly coloured clothes with bold patterns, then maybe you should choose a simpler style of watch so that the overall appearance is not too overwhelming. 

If you like to wear accessories that make a statement, such as a large necklace or a bracelet with a unique pattern, a perfect complement to your outfit would be a watch with a striking appearance or colour, like the AC 2972 ​​BDLLRGBA.


3. Budget

After deciding on the type and model which most satisfies your needs, the matter of cost needs to be considered. Buying a watch at an official store such as  www.timeconcept.com is beneficial as there are special promos and the products are of genuine, good quality, at a very reasonable price.

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