Match your watch to your outfit of the day
22 Apr

Match your watch to your outfit of the day

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Being fashionable is not exclusively about the clothes we wear. Of equal importance is our choice of supporting accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, scarves, and watches. These items can radically change our appearance from being unremarkable to become outstanding. Apart from being just accessories, watches can be used to display the wearer’s character as part of the ensemble. 

There are several types of watch design that can be used for each of your OOTD. For those of you who like a casual design, a good choice of watch would be one with a 3-hand dial, such as Alexandre Christie AC 2954 LDL.  For those of you who avoid elaborate or ostentatious accessories, a very good choice would be AC 2954 LDL, a simple watch which has 4 colour options - light grey, black gold, brown gold, and nude peach. Team it with a t-shirt, jeans, hoodie, and sneakers for a very casual look. 

Alexandre Christie timepieces come in various designs with casual, elegant, and sporty nuances. In addition to their unique design, the colour variants are eye catching. So, to make a relaxed but classy statement, make your choice from Alexandre Christie at

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